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Quality air freight services depend on speed, accuracy and professionalism. Years of hard efforts have allowed JMH Logistics to become a leading player in the air freight service sector. For many years in the past, JMH Logistics has always adhered to its road of diversified kinds of business services and cost-efficient import & export air freight services, thus to gain a lot of favorable comments from its clients. We have undertaken handling of varied kinds of cargoes and freights, including clothes, electronic spare parts, draught animal, fresh & live food stuffs, fragile articles and valuable commodities, as well as heavy-duty and large sized machinery and equipment etc.

Air freight forwarding international

Based on its long years of practical experience and sound business creditworthiness set up in the industry, JMH Logistics has maintained good relations and close contacts with quite a number of world class airlines, and thus received generous supports from them, so as to ensure to get adequate shipping berth in these airlines to transport cargo for clients. In such a way, customers could access solid benefits from our quality services, and are able to enjoy the minimum transportation costs but plus world-class air freight services.

Whatever kinds of services our clients request, such as economic container based transit services, or professional chartered plane or straight running services, JMH Logistics is able to offer a galaxy of professional operations available at all times to provide efficient and fast solutions for transit of cargoes and freights to the destinations at the maximum speed. In addition, thanks to our worldwide transportation networks, we can offer our customers a flexible range of customs clearance services and door-to-door delivery services as well. In the meantime, JMH Logistics also possesses rich resources and talented labor force across the globe to coordinate with its sound set of various facilities, thus to guarantee its provision of diversified air freight services to customers in each corner of the world.