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Effective use of transportation equipment and modes reduces shipping and logistics costs. However, export planning entails all sorts of considerations, from inventory levels and manufacturing lead times to customers’ preferences and transportation options. Ocean export is generally much cheaper than air export, but the transits from warehouse dock to consignee door are measured in weeks instead of days.

Freight forwarders can assist exporters in choosing and managing transportation, particularly if both parties are flexible and forthcoming. To facilitate rate quoting and mode selection, exporters should be prepared to answer a host of questions about these and related issues:

☑ Commodity (description and use)
☑ Destination (ports/cities)
☑ Pieces, weight, dimensions
☑ Terms of sale
☑ Terms of payment
☑ Number/frequency of shipments
☑ Routing/transit requirements
☑ Insurance requirements.

Further, when comparing different modes of transportation, these are some of the issues to consider:

☑ Speed
☑ Frequency of shipments
☑ Cost
☑ Dependability
☑ Capacity
☑ Availability/accessibility
☑ Additional/special services.
☑ Export Documentation

Suppliers / Consignee, will find that we have the service and expertise to handle many transportation issues more economically, efficiently, and effectively for regular shipping.